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    C4D File in After Effects - Frame limit?

    Scott at RLA Level 1



      I have an after effects file where i have a C4D file placed in it. i'm rendering out the C4D file with cel renderer, so its a 3d object, with a 2d look, then in after effects having type that comes in and out in relation to the c4d objects movement.


      I have communication turned on between the two apps so that my timeline is linked, and they are both set to 25fps.


      However since adding to the movements and extending the amount of frames in the C4D file, these changes aren't reflected in AE. i've reloaded the footage or 'file', re-imported it onto the timeline everything. Normally if its another comp that you make longer, you just drag out the block on the timeline but whatever i do this c4d file stops in AE at 208 frames, even though the animation is 350frames.


      I'm stuck! any ideas?