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    Moving Country - and have to kill my CC account and reopen a new one?

    PatGodfrey Level 1

      I have moved to Ireland, a part of the current (pre-Brexit) European Union from the UK. A total of 300 miles. Adobe CC Account Settings do not enable the update of my country, or of my payment bank/currency (from GBP to EURO).


      It seems a great shame that such a huge digital-based eco-system as Adobe's can not have enable we customers to handle this change from the platform's user interface?


      The result is that I will "lose" my Behance account, followers and posts, which are linked in to other ecosystems. I will lose and need to rebuild my CC library, and of course backup any files stored in my CC Cloud. It seems a huge cost to have freedom of movement across a continent, but no freedom of movement within this CC eco-system. I will need to administrate this myself - carefully - to avoid interruptions of workflow and another series of application downloads across a rural pay-per-GB internet connection. It's a business risk I feel my subscription fee should cover.


      Yes, I'm complaining, whining, and whinging because I'm sore from what feels like a slap across the face! I have to wonder, Adobe. Is this really necessary? We're all professionals after all, and I am otherwise a satisfied customer. But this really sucks. I should be able to migrate my data without this inconvenience and what I foresee as time, effort, and pain?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately, Adobe is not responsible for your country making the decision it did.  The Adobe policies for changing one's national relationship have not changed... they stood by what they agreed to.  Instead of complaining, whining, and whinging you oughta try contacting Adobe Support to see if they can transfer what they can salvage from your account to a new one in your new country.  Posting in these forums is not contacting Adobe - these are user to user forums with limited attendance by some Adobe staff.  If you want to talk to Adobe you need to contact them first.


          Contact support - For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat or phone option...

          Make sure you are logged in to the Adobe site, have cookies enabled, clear your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect try using a different browser.


          Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

          https://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?step=CCSN_membership-account-payment_change-or-upgrad e-your-membership

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            PatGodfrey Level 1

            With respect, I think that is a matter for discussion on this user-forum, Ned.


            It's nothing to do with the "country making the decision" so I guess you didn't read the full post, which was written after contacting Adobe directly and discovering there is nothing they can do except time my cancelling of my first subscription with creating a new one.


            It's clear that the Adobe platform does not account for a business's or individual's change of territory or currency. But why?


            I see no barrier to adding a country drop down and a choice of currency in the account management area of the platform. The banks transfer the money - everybody is happy. Adobe could also migrate my data and remember, my profile to a new territory if that was necessary in cases of Law and Trading, but I would keep my data and profile; not need to readminister it from scratch.


            I simply should not need to close up a digital/cloud and account profile because I'm moving 300 miles West? This is 2017, after all?

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              David__B Adobe Employee

              Hi Pat,


              I know we have made some improvements around this internally lately. Like Ned mentions, I'd definitely contact support to see how they can help. I think in many cases you can now switch countries without having to change Adobe ID's.


              Here is a support article related to the topic

              Change the country associated with your Adobe ID  


              - Dave

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                PatGodfrey Level 1

                Thanks, Dave.


                It would be wonderful if the advice given by Adobe Support Chat (below) proves to be incorrect as at present, the country drop down is disabled on my payments option page - but I get that the link you helpfully provided suggests a pathway for changing plans, which I very much hope will translate to me simply stepping 300 miles West, changing the subscription terms, and not rebuilding everything in my Adobe profile


                Thanks for your time pointing me in the new direction!



                NOTE: I went to Adobe Support before voicing my disappointment and seeking a solution here, here's the relevant part of the Adobe Support Chat I experienced:



                (Adobe) ******: Since you have active subscription under this account, you need to cancel the subscription first, so we can change the country.

                Pat Godfrey: Will that delete my libraries?

                Pat Godfrey: And cloud files?

                (Adobe) ******: Yes, you will not be able to access to (Behance,Portfolio, cloud files,etc).