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    Renaming file name on LR4 on Mac OS 10.6



      I want to replace the 8 first digits of my file name by 3 new digits (Ex: my actual name is : "100527CA_R05375.jpg" to be modified into "CAM_R05375.jpg").

      I want to this in LightRoom in order to not lose the modification historic. The LR build-in renaming does not do that. Is there any plug-in or some other way.

      Thank you for your help.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          You can simply rename a selected single image in the Metadata panel to be anything you want.


          To rename a folder, or many, selected photos- [F2] and choose "Edit" from the File Naming drop-down menu.


          I am not certain about this, (but you could try one photo)-

          Depending how your photos were originally named then this preset may help-

          It uses the Original Number Suffix- (the numbers at the end of the file name) and some Custom text.

          You may be able to get CAM_R05375

          If you use Custom Text  =  "CAM_R"    and  the Original Number Suffix would automatically be 05375 (or 5375? in my testing)