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    How do i retrieve a previously downloaded ebook




      I bought an ebook from a provider who gives a key access to the book which you can only access once. I clicked the link and downloaded the ebook and was able to view it on ADE application which i had downloaded to my laptop. After i was done reading for the day, i closed the app and switched off my laptop. The following morning, i opened the ADE app expecting to find the book there, but it was not. I dont know where to find it and i had only one chance to access the ebook. After this event, i downloaded a sample ebook and once i closed ADE the same thing happened, i "lost" the ebook. I only realised after i tried a couple of times that i have to click on "copy to library" for the ebook to be there when i next open the ADE app.

      Since the place i bought the first ebook from only allows one download on a machine, and after i had downloaded, i did not "copy to library" does anyone know how i can re-access the ebook i had first downloaded? If there is a way, please let me know, otherwise i will have to spend money to get this book again. I really need help please.