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    Okay, I'm really confused.. Approved/Declined

    Ed Pepin Level 1

      These images were shot the the same day at the same location.  The description and keywords were practically identical, and yet some were approved and some declined for non compliant and intellectual property violations. One gets approved and one doesn't.  Confusing.  Not sure what criteria is used in making the determination.  Different moderators? Different days?

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          RBChauDavis Level 2

          Hi Ed

          My best guess for these are that the photo with the woman had two issues that the image with the man barley missed

          1.  The woman was 'more' recognizable' and 2. The dial under the gun made the gun 'more' recognizable.

          The first rejected bullet image may be that all the stamps are visible and look like an add for the bullet maker where in the accepted pictures the stamps are blurred or seem secondary. 

          The rejection of the final image maybe that it is too similar to an accepted image.


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            Ed Pepin Level 1

            Okay, good point about the dial under the rifle.  I didn't think about that.  Actually, they are both women. And the comment about the bullets makes sense, too.  "Non Compliant" is such a sweeping category.  They really should better define the categories.  Thank.