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    Webhelp to chm converter: display problem when opening specific chm theme




      I have generated a chm project using the webhelp to chm converter.


      My first test was okay:

      hh.exe chm-file opens the welcome page with the tripane of the webhelp inside.


      My problem appears when opening a specific theme (hh.exe -mapid chm-file) which is the normal user case:

      It's only the content without header or Toc (1). You have to scroll up (2), find the "Show" button and click on it.

      Then you get the entire frame (3)

      (To scroll (2) is obviously not part of my display problem ;-)


      How can I change this behaviour? I want to have the entire frame (including Toc and Header) immediately when opening hh.exe with a -mapid option.