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    What info is not allowed in metadata?

    Ed Pepin

      I have a metadata template set up in Photoshop which I use on all my images.  I can't find anything on what Adobe Stock wants or does not want in the metadata info we provide.  Is it possible to have an image declined, not because of content, style or quality, but rather for what's included in the metadada?

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          RBChauDavis Level 2

          I got this at Upload and manage your content 


          Use the title field for a description of your content, such as “Sunset view in Fira, Santorini, Greece.” It is important to stay relevant, descriptive, precise, and avoid using offensive keywords. Buyers decide whether to license your assets not only based on finding the right content, but also on how you describe the content. Using unprofessional descriptions could limit your sales.


          The keywords you enter will ensure your content appears in search results. Be as descriptive as possible and add keywords in order of relevance. For example, an image of a pizza should have “pizza” as the first keyword and not “cheese.”
          All of your keywords must be in the same language, which needs to match the language you selected under “Keyword Language”. Our search engine automatically translates all keywords into other languages available on Adobe Stock.

          Do not use trademarked names (ex. Porsche, iPad, Ferrari), camera specifications (ex. Nikon, 12MP), or type of content (ex. Vector, illustration) as keywords.

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            Ed Pepin Level 1

            That part I understand.  What I'm curious about is whether copyright information/ photographer's name/ contact info, etc. is allowed in the metadata.  That info is included in my template, and is added to all the images I submit.  Some have been declined under the all-encompassing umbrella of "non compliant' and, absent any obvious errors in content, descriptions and keywords, I'm wondering if some moderators take into account the rest of the metadata info that is included.

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              RBChauDavis Level 2

              I think that it matters where in the metadata.  I stripped photographer/copyright info out of keywords, titles, and comments.  I think Adobe takes care of it in the traditional places or does not care.  They also have rejected an image of mine where I accidentally left the image number in the title.