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    LR/Library : Is there a way to define the undoing history size ?


      I don't know if it's a part of performance issue but I note a degradation of LR/Library module when I perform a large quantity of updates like assign/remove keywords , move items to other folder, build collection, assign Map info to items, switch from module, ......

      After a while LR drop down and become slow .. slow ... slow.

      Then, I quit LR, restart it and all work very good.  I'm usual with this.


      Today I do a misselection and I use 'undo' ctrl-z function, then I note LR have 'all' steps I perform from start point, ... and I havea a lot of steps with large number of items update.

      I suppose these func can consume my mem and cpu.


      Is there a way to manage these undo history stack like in PS ?


      thanks for any suggest.