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    I7 2600 in premiere pro and after effects


      Having dell xps 8300
      How good is the performance of i7 2600 in after effects and premiere pro?  I am going to use it as a starter. Will upgrade within a year or 6 months... Just wanted to know will it fair for a beginner?

      Motherboard supports 16 gb Max. Will upgrade the graphics cards to GTX 1070 /1060.

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          the i7-2600 is a decent performer to get started with, it should handle HD/1080p projects fine but might benefit with proxies for 4k material. 16gb of memory and a gtx 1050 ti would be a normal config for HD/1080p with that cpu. it would require some special workflow, like gpu based plugins, to need a gtx 1060 or higher.


          if you haven't already, you should check the power supply for which pcie power leads it has for a video card. if there aren't any available, there are some gtx 1050 ti cards that don't need any power cables.

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