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    Photoshop crashes libcef.dll and atio6axx.dll errors


      Have been using photoshop for several years but have recently upgraded to CC along with the purchase of a new Windows 10 PC, specs as follows:-


      HP Pavilion desktop model # 550-103na

      AMD A10-8750

      16GB DDR3

      AMD Radeon R7 Graphics + R5 330 Dual Graphics

      HDD1 128GB SSD

      HDD2 2TB HDD


      Since installation have been getting random crashes using photoshop both with and without the nik software plug-ins (happened with silver efx and analogue efx)


      Contacted adobe support who remote accessed my pc and immediately disabled one of the graphics in device manager where upon it crashed other than that they were no help whatsoever.


      Have had crashes with and without using graphics processor in photoshop also.


      Had no problems using older version of PS on a much less well spec'ed PC.Crash Log.pngCrash Log2.png