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      Hi all

      Im sure someone has posted this question before... however i cant find a fix!
      When uploading an image and then resizing using CFIMAGE, i am getting the following CF error from time to time..

      An exception occured while trying to write the image.
      Ensure that the destination directory exists and that Coldfusion has permission to write to the given path or file. cause : coldfusion.image.ImageWriter$ImageWritingException: An exception occured while trying to write the image.

      I have a really upset client at the moment as thet cant upload products into their online store!

      Please can someone assist with a bug fix for this.

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          > Ensure that the destination directory exists and that Coldfusion has
          > permission to write to the given path or file.

          So... err... does the destination directory exist, and has ColdFusion got
          permissions to write to the given path or file?

          And any chance of you posting the code that's erroring?

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            this sounds like the well-known image-locking bug that was fixed in the
            latest cfimage hotfix. make sure you have the latest cfimage hotfix
            installed (hf801-71557): http://www.adobe.com/go/kb403411

            Note 1: you may have this hotfix installed on your server, but it may
            not be the latest one: adobe re-issued the hotfix with same number, but
            different date. make sure the hotfix is dated August 15 2008. Even
            cumulative hotfix 1 for CF801 ( http://www.adobe.com/go/kb403622) does
            not include the updated cfimage hotfix.

            Note 2: i ran into a weird issue with CF801 (CF8 Update 1) + cumulative
            hotfix + cfimage hotfix, when imagescaletofit() function started
            crashing the server... i had to un-install the cfimage hotfix and use a
            work-around for image locking bug found here:
            http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=1&catid=7&threadid=13 58449


            Azadi Saryev
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              I am having the same issue when uploading a file and then trying to use ImageScaleTofit. It works fine on Windows box, but on my server it fails. Is there a way to fix this issue?

              This is what i am running:
              Server Product ColdFusion
              Version 8,0,1,196946
              Edition Enterprise
              Operating System UNIX
              OS Version 2.6.9-freevps-1.5-15.1hugemem
              Update Level /opt/coldfusion8/lib/updates/hf801-71557.zip
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                I have the same process in my webpage where upload image and resize it.

                This is what I used to get the image:

                <cffile action="UPLOAD" filefield="Image" destination="#ExpandPath('../images/')#" nameconflict="Overwrite">
                <cfset tem_ext = "." & GetToken(File.ServerFile, 2, ".")>
                <cfset imagename = "Image_" & Sku & tem_ext>
                <cfset tem_org_path = ExpandPath('../images/') & File.ServerFile>
                <cfset tem_new_path = ExpandPath('../images/') & imagename>
                <cffile action="Rename" Source="#tem_org_path#" destination="#tem_new_path#">

                For resize the image I used CFX Tag:

                <CFX_IMAGE ACTION="RESIZE"
                X="150" Y="200" THUMBNAIL="YES" NAME="thumb">

                on my webpage it stores the original image and resize it as a thumbnail and store them on the server
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                  Srinivas VK
                  Even me too having the same problem with the builtin cf image functions. so now i have requested the user just upload the images and we are doing manually of resizing.