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    Is it possible to use GIF in XD?


      Dear all,


      I am quite new to the Adobe suit, and I only Googled whether a GIF could be imported to XD; the answer was yes. However, after a day of playing with After Effects and Photoshop to create my very first GIF, and importing it into XD: it doesn't work!!


      After a more thorough search online it seems that indeed we can't use any animations in XD? Seriously? Can anyone confirm / tell me loopholes to show the client the gif in the presentation?


      And yes, I have seen the discussion, however this discussion has been going on for ages! No updates?


      Much appreciated!





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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Flora-


          You're right, you can't import animated GIFs yet, only static GIFs. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to import animation in at the moment, though it's something we're looking at in the longer term. We do have a number of features we want to put in first that would allow for more expressiveness, so you can expect to see improvements over the upcoming year as we grow XD. Thanks for hanging in there with us!



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            tulipmetabolic Level 1

            Hey Elaine,


            Thanks for the update. What i'm reading from your response is that it can actually take a few years still?


            Either way, I love the Adobe suit, though this is just an important missing element!





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              adam.id Level 1

              Is there any timetable for this feature? It's so essential to get buy-in from non-designers, it bothers me to have to use InVision or Proto.io just to add video or GIFS, as their software isn't nearly as user-friendly...

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                Fieldinspired Level 1

                Hi there,


                Many thanks for your post.


                The web/apps etc are packed full of animations and video elements these days - how can an app designed to be a prototype tool not allow for any animated elements... seems an odd one to have missed out.


                Is this going to be added anytime soon? I really hope so- I think UX is one of the most exciting of all your new apps... but this really lets it down. I've read at least 50 posts about this subject today - so it should be bumped up your list


                Huge love for the work you've done.



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                  Yellow Cat Design Level 1

                  Completely agree with this. A project that I'm working on has now come to a standstill because one of the screens requires an animated element. It's very unprofessional to have to present the prototype to my client and have to point them elsewhere to see the animated element.