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    CC Subscription Price Rise in UK Blamed on BREXIT

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      If you are in the UK and have any sort of CC subscription, it looks like you will be paying more for it when your current subscription period ends.


      https://petapixel.com/2017/02/02/adobe-hikes-creative-cloud-prices-uk-cites-wild-exchange- rates/


      If you are anywhere else outside of the USA, you might want to check the exchange rate history. or you might have already had an email!  The NZD has actually climbed significantly against the USD, so I wonder if CC will become cheaper here? I suspect not.

      This has surprised me as I really thought Adobe would maintain current pricing for a good while yet.  They had better than expected profits in 2016, but as good as those figures look, they are well behind the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple.  I have a feeling that the backlash from this will be greater than Adobe are anticipating, and the number of lost customers could even cause a reduction in overall profits.


      If you have had one of these emails, perhaps you'd share its contents here.  Especially if you are not in the UK.  I am assuming that USA customer's pricing will remain unchanged.


      [EDIT]  Just thought I'd add that most of my income comes from the UK, and the dramatic affect BREXIT had on the GBP/USD rate had an equally dramatic 'negative' effect on my company pension.  So if you voted for BREXIT, and will now pay more for Creative Cloud, guess how much sympathy I have?