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    Exporting names of sub-folders and number of images




      I'm working in Lightroom 5 and have been given a catalogue to work on. The person has created a 2nd copy of the catalogue on a 2nd hard drive for safety however the number of images don't match the original copy. Is there a way of downloading/exporting a list of all the sub-folder names and the total number of images in each one so it's easier to work out which folders have missing images? I know that you can download a list of keywords that have been used but can't work this one out?




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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I am not sure how you are going to make comparisons-

          If the 2nd copy catalog is an 'Exact' copy of the 1st catalog, then the image numbers (shown in a catalog) must be the same in both catalogs. The two catalogs must be identical. (They are 'database' files)

          The one big difference when you open any catalog will be the number of original image files, on a hard-drive,that it can match with the data in the catalog.

          When Lightroom reports 'missing' photos it is only showing image files that are not currently available to Lightroom.

          eg. a 2nd copy of the catalog without the original files to reference would show every photo and folder "Missing".


          However to obtain printed lists you may need a plug-in such as 'List View' List View – Lightroom Solutions to export a list.