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    Not able to set Adobe Digital Editions as default app for .ACSM files in Windows 10


      I am a librarian and I frequently am providing education, training, and troubleshooting support for eBooks and their related software.


      I have twice now been unable to get Windows 10 to set ADE as the default application for .acsm files.


      I have tried:

      • Uninstalling and reinstalling ADE 3.0 and 4.5.4. (more than once)
      • set default applications by file type (not given as an option)
      • set default applications by app (it doesn't even show up in the app list)
      • resetting default applications and trying again
      • authorising and deauthorizing (because I was out of ideas)


      None of these options work. It's as if Windows doesn't recognise ADE as an app.


      I don't expect any help because I saw pretty much the same question on here that Adobe has ignored for months already. But I'm out of ideas.