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    I just can't get there......help

      Hi I have a nice problem and I hope someone might have an answer for me.

      I am making an interactive tool book. The design, backgrounds, button etc are all in flash. I have also done a quiz in captivate which has a bank of 50 questions but only 20 random ones appear each time you do the quiz.

      As you cannot import a random quiz captivate file into flash I have made a movie clip titled container that the captivate quiz swf. file loads into. This all works without a problem. However I have to make a print button also in flash so the user can print their result page (the result page is apart of the captivate file).

      I have tried every print Action script I can think of; however, none of them print the results. The page prints with all the flash created objects (background, buttons etc) but it will not print the end results page that appears in the movie clip titled: container, which is located in the middle of the flash stage.

      Although if I click print in the flash player file menu it does......

      Can anyone help me or have I confused you all??

      From Sez
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          create a printjob and create an empty movieclip and attach those things you want to print to that movieclip. arrange and size them the way you want your printed page to appear using your printjob's pageWidth and pageHeight properties. then add the movieclip to the printjob and print it.