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    Phonegap build for iOs fails since 2nd Feb 2017 (cli 3.5.0)


      I have multiple iOs keys that worked till 1st Feb 2017 midnight. Since 2nd Feb, all iOs build fails, no matter what keys/provisioning profiles I select, I get the following error.

      "Oh geez. Your build failed. Click the "Log" button above to view the compile log. If you need help diagnosing the issue, you can post to the support forum with your App ID (please do a search first)."



      I am unable to find any solution with the forums as well. Created a new account but that didn't help either. The logs read

      "error: exportArchive: The operation couldn’t be completed. (IDEDistributionErrorDomain error 3.)"


      ** EXPORT FAILED **


      Error code 70 for command: xcodebuild with args: -exportArchive,-archivePath ....


      Any help is appreciated.