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    New in PS. Help getting rid of my tripod traces.

    brunos97036478 Level 1

      Hello to the community. I am quite new "photoshoping". Unfortunately this time I can not look at the other side and replace my obstacle with other technique.

      I need to edit this, no option, Is for a school presentation.


      Basically I have 360 degrees (7) exposures of my room. I did not have a monopod (1 leg tripod) therefore...my 7 exposures have this kind of strip at the bottom.

      Meaning the unrolled 360 with the black area from my 3 legs tripod.


      Please check in the attachment.







      1. Which tool you recommend to get rid of the tripod and cover that area with the blankets.

      2. Is there any way to do that in the 7 pictures at the same time ?


      Thanks a lot.




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