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    Creating Navigation ToC in epub




      Indesign is giving me hard times with creating ToC, and I tried a lot of different things - nothing helps. I`m a begginer in Indesign, so I hope I`ll find solution here.

      I`ve set ToC for document and it works, I can click any position and it sends me to right page, but I can`t set navigation one ( trhat shows up on left in for ex. Adobe Digital Editions). I`ve tried to set style same as one I used inside document, it only shows one position, and it`s a random one page from middle of book. I tried other settings, adding different style, but as a result I only managed to show up... page numbers in nav. menu ( still can`t figure out how).


      When I started to work on the book, I had already saved some new styles and settings, and I worked on them, I wonder if they might be the problem ( this would mean I have to "restyle" whole document but I want to find different solution first)


      Thank you!