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    Partial export of security settings

    johnd58666173 Level 1

      Hi, I am trying to export security settings from Acrobat DC. It seems many settings are not exported.

      For example:


      In signature Validation settings:

      I am able to export :

      Verify signatures when the document is opened

      Require certificate revocation checking to succeed whenever possible

      Verification Time- Verify Signatures Using:


      I am not able to export:


      Verification Behavior, when verifying

      when document has valid but untrusted signatures, prompt to review and trust signers

      Verification Time- Use expired timestamps

      Automatically add Verification Information when saving PDF



      Fustermore I am not able to export the state of the Automatic European Union Approved Trusted Certificates Updates

      and other settings in the Trust Manager


      Thanks for your help.