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    Reloading CS6, no cloud, stand alone


      I'm trying to get an image to print on my HP laser jet.  It did just fine a few days ago.  Now my request goes right into the bardo and stays there (i.e., it doesn't print and just ignores my request.


      So, I thought I would reload it, only I don't have the disk (we moved and somehow many things got lost.  I now have the serial number (gotten with lots of effort through the net and Adobe.


      I really don't want to be on the "cloud" where I would have to pay every month.  I've done just fine with my stand-alone version until now.  I do have an apple phone 5C, and tried the cloud, but I didn't like it.


      I can't seem to find anywhere to just simply reinstall my Photoshop CS6



      I also can't seem to save my doc as as .PDF


      And,I don't know what Audition is.