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    After Effect file size as gif


      Hi All,


      I'm hoping that you can help me. I am fairly new to After Effects as my client has asked me to make some little animations, based on a previous graphic, to embed on their website. The animations are 20 seconds long and on repeat.


      To keep the file size low, I have the frame rate down to around 50fms with 0 lossy (Photoshop Gif). This brings the gif to what I feel is a sensible file size of just under 10MB.


      Now enters the problem... It is working ok on Chrome, Firefox, Opera but on Safari, IE and Edge it is running choppy and slow for the first run through and then plays as it should. The quality of the choppiness is worse on IE and Edge however.


      So these are my questions.
      Is it the file size that is to big? Can you advise me on how big a gif should be?

      Is it a browser thing? Not all browsers render the same...

      Or is it a problem with their website and a developer needs to do something on their end? (For example caching) And if so what do I tell the developer???

      Or should this not be a gif and is there a better way to save my movie and have it run smoothly?


      These are the animations:

      https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/standards/british-standards-online-database/bsol-training-b log/training-blog-bsol/


      https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/standards/british-standards-online-database/bsol-training-b log/


      I would be grateful for any advice.


      All the best,