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    online chat was useless, sent me here for help!  Adobe Digital Edition


      Hello Forums/Discussion Group/or Other People that are hopefully more helpful that Adobe Customer Sever Chat,


      I recently have been having trouble downloading ebooks on Adobe Edition version 1.7 (apparently that was very old).  So, I installed the newest version in hopes this would solve the problem or errors of being unable to communicate aka error cannot download said books.  Sadly though this did not solve my problem.  In the process of downloading new version, it was unable to uninstall old version.  So, yes, to answer any questions I still have 2 version on my laptop.  I don't mind, I just want to be able to download my ebook so I can transfer it on to my Nook.  I have had several errors now with new version, which still includes not being able to transfer downloaded ebook to this program.  First it told me I needed to sync my old version to new version, okay, try that.  But before I can do that I need to log in to my Adobe account.  Which, honestly if we noticed how old my original version of edition was can probably guess that I needed to create/reset a password.  No problem, easy fix.  Go back and try to sync old & new, but get error message saying cannot sync, reason?  None given.  Again, I don't think this is a problem because f the old version and the left behind ebooks that I'm not reading anymore, I want new ebook.  But now I am getting new error message saying that I cannot download book because it it not authorized by this program.  Do some more research on this forums and find out how to authorize my computer to this program.  Thinking I have finally done it, ebook shall be mine!  WRONG!!   Now, I am getting error message saying "Error getting license.  License Sever Communication Problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_USED_BY_ANOTHER_USER.  Do some more research because I don't want to be a quitter, saying that my user name is associated with another computer and cannot be used on my laptop.  Which FYI is bananas!!  So, I use a different email address and create new said account, which if you are still reading this is what I am using now to create this forum.  Further instructions where to delete downloaded ebook and try again after all this steps...BAM!!  Nothing changed.  Same error message.  In my second to last ditch effort to get help I tried the customer service chat, which took 20 minutes for him to send me to this forum because this don't have support for this program.  I am unsure if anyone is going to waste their time reading this very long message/rant about still not being able to download my ebook.  But since the customer service person (Ajay Kumar) said someone would help here, this is where I end my attempt to get ebook.