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    Photoshop CS 6/Creative Cloud issues




      I currently cannot open my copy of Photoshop (CS6) because I had Creative Cloud for the past year due to needing to subscribe to it so that I could have Dreamweaver last spring for a class, but no longer needed it due to being done with school so I let the subscription run out. I recently went to open Photoshop and it told me to either subscribe to Creative Cloud again or enter a serial number. I HAVE the disc with the serial number for Photoshop CS6 somewhere, but it's not readily available, as it's been misplaced.


      There's no reason for me to renew Creative Cloud because I don't need it any more, but it refuses to let me open Photoshop because it says it needs Creative Cloud, which isn't the case because I had CS6 before I subscribed to Creative Cloud, and I was able to open it just fine.


      I have uninstalled all of the Creative Cloud programs I had on my computer and it still won't work. It tells me to resubscribe or to put the serial number in. Even if I found the disc, it should not be telling me to enter the serial number because it's already registered on my computer, and was working fine before I did anything with Creative Cloud.


      Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? I can't uninstall CS6 and reinstall it because I don't have the disc readily available at the moment, and I think it's a one time install. I could resubscribe and download Photoshop CC 2017 but then I think I would lose all of the brushes that I already have in CS6, and I'd much rather use CS6 for as long as I can.


      Is there any workaround for people in my situation (other than obviously finding the disc, which is easier said than done at the moment)? CS6 was purchased by my dad through his work, and it was on a CD-ROM with a serial number and in an Adobe case and such. I realize that without the serial number that doesn't mean much, but if I can't find the disc with the serial number then I really don't have any way of using an otherwise perfectly usable program on my computer, especially since I have all of my brushes and such in it and there's a LOT of them.