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    Tree with choices : recursive scripts VS "Exit frame" action ?

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      I need some help !

      I've build a multiple choices tree menu, which is quite simple :

      You start with, say, three entries : A,B,C

      If you click A, it will "store" choice A and open "D,E,F,G" and so on...

      Each sub menu is actually a clip that appears in another frame of its
      parent (DEFG is on frame 2 of ABC movie clip).

      You can "unselect" any choice at any level and it should unselect its
      children. And selecting a value unselects its brothers.

      Everything was working OK until I had an extra constraint : some
      children at the same level are not "exclusive" (that is you can choose
      between "D or E" and "F or G" but they are still at the same level and
      that's where my routine does not work any more...)

      So I was thinking to "hard code" unselection, as I've got a very little
      number of levels. That is, if a frame is left, it will erase its
      possible choices.

      Say, if I go back to "main movie - frame 1", its frame 2 will call
      "delete D,E,F,G" on exit. And so would its nested clips if they are open
      (visible on stage)

      Any idea how to achieve this ? Some kind of "onExitFrame" ?

      I don't post my recursive routine because it's been altered so much I
      would spend to much time making it legible... Sorry..

      Thanks in advance.