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    No matching provisioning profiles found


      Started happening to day. No changes to the certificate or provisioning profiles was made.

      Relevant log fragment (with id parts taken out):


      "<IDEDistributionItem: ...

           Code=10 \"No matching provisioning profiles found\"

           UserInfo={NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=No valid 'ad-hoc' profiles were found.,

           NSLocalizedDescription=No matching provisioning profiles found, ...

           usingTeamBasedSigning='NO', targetName='(null)', provisioningProfilePurpose='2', requiresProvisioningProfile='YES', provisioningProfilePlatform='iOS', ... requiredEntitlements='{\n    \"get-task-allow\" = 0;\n}', requiredCodesignableDevices='(null)', requiredFeatures='(null)'>\n}


      AppID: 2200153