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    Partial import from memory card


      For over a week now I have been unable to import from my SD memory card into lightroom. Up until recently, I popped my sd card into the back of my iMac, then imported the raw files into LR. But for the last week or so it will perhaps import one or two out of several hundred then, I have to restart the import procedure to get a few more and so on. All images are ticked, I have changed nothing in the settings, and I can't be sure I have all the images from the card as the few that do upload are also out of chronological order. Please advise It's driving me mad! Thanks

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          dj_paige Level 10

          This sounds to me like a hardware problem somewhere. Perhaps a bad card, perhaps a bad card reader. Can you try connecting the camera to the computer using the cable that came with the camera to see if the import works properly that way? Can you borrow another card reader? Can you try another card?

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            Pixie.pink Level 1

            now you mention it, the card showed as an error in my camera about a month ago, I removed it and put it back in and formatted it. It seemed ok but perhaps it's not 100% - I will need to buy another to test this theory. Thank you for pointing me on the [hopefully] correct path to resolving :-)