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    Uploading photos into a document on the iOS Adobe Acrobat Reader phone app


      My boss has recently told me that there is a way I can get my Photo Doc ( which is a document through powerpoint in which I click and upload pictures to, to show how the job progresses ) onto my phone through adobe. So I downloaded the adobe acrobat reader app on my iPhone 6s and I tried fiddling around with the app for a few hours but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to upload a picture to my photo doc on my phone. I had it as a powerpoint doc and a PDF and I still wasn't able to upload a picture onto the doc from my phone. I want to figure this out so I can create the whole document on my phone, while on the job, so that I can save time by not having to upload everything onto the computer and create the whole document after the day is done. Is this even possible? Can anyone help me?