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    Page Panel Spread Icons Not Visible


      I'm using Windows 10, a PC, and InDesign CC 2017 64.


      I've been using Adobe CC for about four years and am thoroughly confused at this issue that just started for me yesterday.


      I have already attempted clearing settings by pressing a combination of keys at startup (got a message that it did reset when I did that). I have also uninstalled (erased user settings), and reinstalled (but did not go through and delete user files on my own). It doesn't matter what workspace (Advanced, Book, Digital, etc.) I have selected or if I start a new document, the problem remains.


      Here's what's happening:

      When I open an existing or new document, the pages panel spread icons (and page icons) appear to be so far to the right that they barely or don't at all appear in the panel.

      If I make the panel wider, the regular spreads and pages will show on the far right.

      But, no matter how wide I make the panel (have spread it across two screens), if I pop it out on its own, or how I manipulate it, I am unable to see the master page icons. However, the master page is there, because I can click on the label "A-Master" and am able to access the master.


      Here are my panel options:

      I use the pages panel a ton and would like to see it work normally again. Would love to hear that the problem is between my chair and the keyboard. Thank you in advance for your help!