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    Any lower pricing deals available for Adobe After Effects?


      Hello there! My Name is Philip and i actually have a big problem... I am a Student and I run a youtubechannel next to my School. The problem which i have: Adobe AE is actually the best editing Programm which i could find on the Ethernet. I tested it and thought, thats what i need, but the problem is that I can´t afford it bc it is to expensive for me. I don´t have 24€ per month for a programm. I am sorry the programm would be really worth it but ist just to expensive for students like me. Isn´t there another way to get it LEGIT but maybe a Little bit cheaper? Like you pay once and you have it forever so you can avoid monthly rates. Or maybe a scmall Version which is cheaper but won´t have that much effects? I really like editing and i´will keep going, but AE would save me a lot of time bc it is so handy. Need help!


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