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    Why is my Lightroom 4 failing to find images on my external hard drive ?

    ionicphotography Level 1

      Hi there !


      Im doing a project with some photos from 2015 and earlier, which are stored on an external hard drive. All was working fine 48 hours ago, when I was happily editing images in LR on my iMac.

      Today, I have gone back into LR to do some more work - and although the external drive appears in the left hand menu, all the content folders have question marks over them. When I try to access the photos contained, they come up with the "this file is either offline or missing" message. So the same photos that were there a couple of days ago are now not being linked in for some reason ?!


      Can somebody help me with this please, I do not wish to try anything myself in case I make things worse ...



      Many Thanks