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    Why on Earth does "Replacing With After Effects Composition" give me sequences in AE instead of clips?!

    Derjis Level 3

      Anybody know what's up with the "Replace With After Effects Composition" functionality, now? We were forced to "upgrade" to CC2017 from CC2015, and Adobe seems to have managed to somehow fart this up in the new versions.

      I've got a basic Premiere sequence with an audio track, an h264 .MOV reference video, and the original clips needing VFX/Motion Graphics (in original, unmodified .R3D format). There are no plugins, filters or adjustment layers on any of the footage.

      I right-click on the PPro timeline and choose "Replace With After Effects Composition" in order to bounce the files to AE. When they arrive in AE, for some ridiculous reason, the linked Comp doesn't contain, y'know, the actual footage as laid out in the PPro timeline; it inexplicably contains subcomps, which, in turn, have the footage inside. If I want to work with the footage itself, rather than the subcomps, I have to go into each of the subcomps, split the video layer at the appropriate time, copy and paste it back into the original Linked Comp, and shift it into place --- a huge PITA when you're dealing with a stack of, say, 5 or 10 layers.

      In CC2015 and prior, this worked as expected: the Linked Comp that opened in AE would have the raw clips, laid out properly, not subcomped for some bizarre reason.


      Does anyone know how to fix this?

      Thanks in advance!