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    FlashPlayer fullscreen mode disables Synaptics touchpad scrollbar

      I have a number of friends who have HP Pavilion dv9000 series laptop PCs with Synaptics touchpads v 6.2 that have problems running Flash objects in IE7 in fullscreen mode...when running a Flash object in fullscreen mode, after pressing <esc> to exit fullscreen, we find that our touchpad's scrolling bar won't function. Closing IE7 doesn't help either..the scrollbar won't function in most cases unless the system is rebooted. I'm using Flash Player ActiveX and Flash Player Plug-in under Windows XP Media Center [SP3]...any suggestions?
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          Fighting with the same problem while i have this notebook. Searched the web and already know there are a lot of laptop owner with this error. Its a problem between adobe flashplayer and synaptics. Couldn't find any solution since i bought this notebook (1 year). Tried all synaptics driver. No help from the manufacturers (adobe, synaptics), they don't care this problem. I'm affraid there won't be any solution in the inmediate future.