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    Kuler desktop problem...

      I had trouble with the desktop from about 6 months ago responding to anything but an attempt to logon so I downloaded the newest version. I still have the same problem. I can't move the GUI, it never links up to the adobe servers, except to log me on. Which I have to do manually every time since the application won't remember logon info. The arrow that switches the faces for the GUI works fine, but I have to press 'Alt+F4' to shut it down, or use the process explorer. What the hell happened? I loved this program.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          That's no good! :-(
          Let me know what AIR OS and version you are using and I'll ask QE to check. Can you drag/drop themes?
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            canis76 Level 1
   is the version, for windows. I can do everything that has nothing to do with getting or viewing swatches, and close the main app window. I can logon, but the logon window doesn't close after I do. The 'show information/return to swatches' button works. The links in the show info panel work fine...The only real problem is that the program doesn't retrieve any swatch information from you guys, or close-as noted before. I have the same operating system, and programs (for the most part) as i did 6 months ago. My firewall is configured to let the program (kuler.exe) through. I'm lost. The api just kepp indicating that it's waiting on the site.

            I think there might be a conflicting program, but can't see how. Since mine is the first question of this kind I've seen, is there a list of things I should be looking for in the process explorer?
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi, hmmm I wonder if it's timing out and this is related to the performance issues we've been having, which we are working on, though we've never seen this. I'll pass your description to QE via a bug. Stay tuned.
              In the meantime do you want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop? Maybe it got corrupted? Update: I see you downloaded the latest version. Hmm... although if you've had this problem for 6 months that's probably not performance related.

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                canis76 Level 1
                I'm sorry, I didn't explain myself properly. I've only been having this problem recently, i.e. the past few weeks. I've changed some hardware (video card(GForce 8400 GS), monitor(ACER x163w), and RAM(kingston)) recently.
                I can't say what caused the problem but the version of "Kuler desktop" from about six months ago worked when I first installed it. My video card is utilizing MSI custom Nvidia drivers.
                I've done a full uninstallation with a program called 'your uninstaller' that includes removal of associated registry keys and tried reinstalling with the same results.
                Thank you form you responses. You make it feel as if I'm being helped. Though I'm pretty sure the problem is on my end somehow. I'll keep looking for updates, as this program has inspired me more than once.

                By the way, do you guys plan on releasing a stand alone version of kuler that you wouldn't have to go online for, or would that defeat the purpose? I've paid for others before, and this is by far the best program I have ever used to explore color harmonies. And it's free! Keep on keepin' on.