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    CS6 Works Awesome CC2017 lags like a dog


      Hi, I have an HP Envy with 12gb of RAM and a Core I7. It also has a built-in Intel graphics chipset. I have a 1TB HDD with nothing on it but Windows 8 and photoshop. I rebuilt the computer last night. Installed CC2017 and it worked fantastic. Then, Win 8 updated and it runs like a dog. I can install CS6 and it runs brilliantly. Based on the fact that CC ran well before the windows updates I have to assume it isn't my computer hardware. Please do not tell me I have to upgrade it as I have eliminated that as an issue. What I don't know, is how to have a secure windows 8 environment (the updates were all security) and use CC. What is it that is conflicting with windows, and can I turn it off. I have upgraded to Win 10, then I can't use CS6 and CC still runs terrible. I cannot downgrade to Windows 7 as the laptop has features that wouldn't be supported. I have followed the official optimization guide and it does help a tiny bit, but not nearly enough. Please DO NOT respond with generic advice like reinstalling or updating drivers or optimization guides. Either have specific, pertinent information, or please do not respond.