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    Please!  Need fast photography help



      My friends asked me to shoot some photos for them for their engagement website and I've come to learn that they will also be engagement photos.  I agreed because they only because they also asked to do it at my stable with my horses..  (I know you are all shaking your heads).

      Here are my devices options MacBook Pro Sierra 10.12.3 or iPad  10.2 and a Microsoft  Surface Pro 3. Adobe CC on my devices

      Cameras: Nikon d700 and a Nikon d70. Unsure of firmware versions.. I've never updated them.

      Problem 1.  Vision is shot. I shoot photos and they seem fine until I upload and realize they are blurry.

      Problem to my potential solution:  I don't know that heck I'm doing.. I want to wirelessly view the photos as I'm shooting as if it were tethered (which I also don't know how to do).

      Million $ Question. Does Adobe CC have something comparable to the app Camera Control Pro 2?  I am hoping to just download something and not need additional wires or gadgets.


      All this is happening tomorrow..and Ive just entered panic mode!