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    Should I go for 4K or FHD on 15 inch Laptop ?


      Hi everybody,


      After reading around the forums and the web in regard of 4K resolution Windows machines, I am still struggling to decide if I should get a 4K screen or stick to the FHD version. I am planning on getting a new laptop (15 inch) and there is an option to get a 4K screen with it. I've read all the discussions about scaling issues and so on, but still. Some people think it's workable, while others think it's not.


      However, most of those discussions where about 4K monitors, while this laptop has merely a 15 inch screen. I haven't found a 4K screen in a shop nearby in order to see it for myself and that's why I would like some opinion on this issue. My gut says that I should just stick to a FHD screen, while my mind says, get the 4K screen because that's where everything will be going and I don't want to be buying another laptop in a year or so ...


      Any opinions on what the best way to go is are most welcome...