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    Align text in one frame on same page as text in another frame (BRANCHED)


      This is a very good question. I will rephrase it to my needs, which sound the same. I have two flows on the same page in a two column format. I would like to have a question in the left flow, say flow A,  and the answer on the right flow, say flow B. As questions are answered, I would like all other questions and answers to stay in alignment with each other. Of course the flow will continue for many pages. BTW the text of the the 'answer' may change in length, getting longer or shorter. How do I link/anchor the pages to achieve the result shown below? Putting the Q's and A's in a table doesn't seem desirable; I could have 50 or more pages.


      Q1                    A1

      akdjf df?           alkdjflajsfljafaslkf


                              lasjdfl lasjdf asdfl


      Q2                     A3

      asdf sadf           alaskdjflkadsjf



      Q3                     A3

      asdf df ad?       lkasjdfljasld;fj lkasdfjla sflkjf f