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    Error while exporting photos with the exempted resolution in the file name


      Hi all,


      I have a problem while exporting photos with Lightroom 6.8:

      I try to export the photos and put the exempted resolution in the resulting file name. For this, I went to the exporting tool and put into the filenametemplate editor

      "{filename}_{exemptet resolution}"

      (sorry, maybe these expressions are not exactly the same as shown in english Lightroom, as I use the german edition.


      Well, if I export a single file, it works fine. For example file name is MG1564 with a resolution of 5184x3400 and an excempted resolution of 4500x3200. Lightroom exports:



      If I export several files at once, it doesn't work anymore. The first file gets exportet properly, in all further files, Lightroom just writes any resolution (in my case 1000x667). The photos don't have this resolution and are not excempted to this resolution. So for example:






      If I export the files individually, all works, just in the batch process it doesn't. As I want to export several thousand photos in this way, it is no option to export them individually.


      Does anybody know, what I could do? Or where I made a mistake?


      Thank you very much in advance!