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    Composition Window Preview not showing anything

    interactivePixels Level 1

      Hi folks,


      i am struggling with the following problem:


      Regardless of the version of Ae (i run both the final CC2015 Version, as well as the most recent CC2017 update) - after trying to preview a composition in my project, the composition window becomes empty and doesn't display anything (see images attached). After that, no matter what composition i open, it all remains blank, when scrubbing through the timeline and when previewing. When i try to quit Ae after that, it becomes unresponsive - i can't exit it other than killing the process in the task manager..


      I have tried the following:


      - purge cache/image memory

      - import project into a new project

      - open project in different versions of AE


      After seeing similar problems in other threads (with none of the "solutions" helping) let me assure the following:


      - it is not a magnification or zooming issue, when i start the preview i can see everything, the preview is just killed after that rightaway

      - the CTI is at a point in time where things should be visible

      - my preview mode is "Off (Final Quality)" and no matter what i change it to, the problem remains

      - i AM using the most recent versions and drivers, yes i do.


      I'm running Ae on a Windows 7 Pro machine with 32GB of Ram and a GeForce GTX1070 with the most recent drivers, updates, etc.






      Any help is greatly appreciated, since i can't continue to work this way..


      Kindest regards