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    DirecTV Supercast

      Apparrently there was an update to Air this week which has caused DirecTV Supercast to not work correctly. I can't watch my football games and I'm super upset about it. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try?
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          Sorry, this is not an answer, just more information on your problem that I share.

          I have two laptops, one XP and one Vista 64 bit.

          Here is some more information on our problem. I had successfully installed AIR and downloaded and installed supercast on the Vista laptop the first week supercast was available.

          It worked great.

          The next week there was an update to Supercast, and when I tried to update it, it failed so I had to uninstall Supercast.

          When I went to re-install Supercast and anytime I hit the link to Supercast, I instantly get the message:

          " Something went wrong trying to install this application. Please install the latest version of Adobe Air from ""> http://www.adobe.com/go/getair http://"[/B[/L]

          I immediately went to the same Supercast webpage on my older XP laptop and downloaded AIR and then the Supercast App with no problem.

          Being a novice, I have come to 1 of 3 conclusions:

          1) My Air add on is corrupt, but I have uninstalled, used microsoft install cleanup utility, and I still get the error. I do not know how to troubleshoot registry problems.

          2) It is in fact SuperCast which is not entirely off my system even though I can find no traces of the program on my computer.

          3) It has something to do with the second version and minor changes they made to Supercast, but like I said my other computer downloaded the new version fine.

          So bascially we suffer from the same problem BUT I have 1 computer successfully running Supercast, and one that is not. The one that is not is obviously a registry problem, but I do not know witch program has left reminents that is preventing me from installation.

          I thought it was Supercast, but when I downloaded Adobe Media player recently, I got the same message, and it replicates itself ever 10 seconds so if you turn your head you get 100 error messages to clear. But for some reason the Media Player works fine and I can watch all programs offered.

          OFF TOPIC: Something I sometimes lose Flash capibilities after a reboot and have to uninstall and reinstall Flash 10 to get it back to functioning which leads me to believe the two problems stem from Adobe Air. My reader, shockwave player and media player are all working fine though.

          So sorry to ramble, but my main problem is the SuperCast/Adobe Air issue. Dont try to call DTV's computer department they have no clue, and I spoke with Adobe, and they obviously wont trouble shoot add-ons and free software but they did give me steps to unistall with a utility, and to reinstall in a specfic order, but to wait 24 hours between each install......not sure that was helpful since I already did all of that.
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            tzeng Adobe Employee
            There is no update of AIR Runtime recently.

            There might be an update of the SuperCast application?
            It looks like it is the application's problem.

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              chiefroc Level 1
              Thanks Ted. I appreciate the response.

              There IS a weekly upgrade to the Supercast Program. I have been running it on my other computer AND successfully ran it the first week on the problem computer.

              I believe it was an uninstall issue of the Supercast App after the first update did not load correctly. I also used the Install Cleanup Utility, but the App did not show up their either.

              So there is something probably hiding in my directory.......ugh, and I am not computer literate enough to go messing around in there. I did get that error once when opening Adobe Media player oddly enough, but that was only one time. If I try to download the SuperCast App from DTV's website I get that message immediatley which leads me to believe there is something hanging out in my registry that is making my computer think I have it loaded on my CPU.

              DTV computer support is utterly useless.......there most sophisticated answer was to uninstall and reboot........duh, if I didnt do that 200 times, and also unistalled Air, Flash, Shockwave........all when I probably didnt need to........LOL.

              I will keep bothering DTV, and if I get a real answer as to how to find that registry entry that is preventing me from downloading the SuperCast App, I will post here. At least I have it on one computer, but traveling around with two laptops is a pain in the butt ;-)

              Does anyone know of a "registry cleanup utility" or is that already implemented in the Microsoft Install Cleanup Utilitity? I would assume the latter, but just hoping for a miracle fix ;-)
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                chiefroc Level 1
                As a Post Script to the issue........Supercast is a great APP...... Can watch games in HD, get interactive stats with that game, an can watch in a variety of modes....full screen, half screen with a side bar of all the other games and you just point and click on each game. When you pay as much as you do for Sunday ticket AND superfan to have the ability it should work! But I have to say, one of my CPUs has 1G of RAM and is 5 years old, and my other has 4Gs of RAM and is pretty new, and I get full screen, HD streaming video on both which was shocking. I even run browsers in the background.
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                  Admiral_Brodnack Level 1
                  Maybe the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility will help:

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                    chiefroc Level 1
                    Thanks for the reply. I already have already run that program.

                    It does not show the SuperCast App as being on my CPU, so it has to be something stuck deep in the registry.

                    I used it to uninstall AIR and Flash just to make sure it wasn't an adobe issue. Unless they make a completely different application that doesn't require AIR, I think it is a lost cause as I am not going to mess around in the registry, if that is even where the fragment is coming from. If I didn't already load all my work software and a ton of other things I would re-install the operating system, but that is not worth the risk.

                    Until this becomes a problem that DTV gets called on endlessly, I don't see a solution in sight.

                    Thanks though.