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    Narration in Premiere Elements 15 is mute


      I'm running Windows 10, and obviously Premiere 15, I don't know what other information would be relevant.


      So, after working on my project for five hours and then some, I was screen capturing a specific frame of the project, finished without issue, attempted to resize my Premiere window, and accidentally grabbed the window for my narration tool. Without realizing the issue, I took my workspace back to my primary monitor and attempted to finish the project. Upon review, I found that ALL of my narration had gone mute. The clips are still there, they still have the equalizer marks indicating that there is audio there, but when I play them, I hear nothing. The other audio works just fine.


      I've attempted to restart the program, load the project I finished before I started this one(that one has no issue).

      I also attempted to simply restart the entire project, but even new narration clips are mute, with the marks to show that there is audio there.

      I muted and unmuted the narration line in the workspace. I modified a few of the clips. I attempted a quick fix I found on google, where I open the app data(Start> Run> %appdata%> Adobe > {some folder name I can't recall} > common> rename to "commonold"), and rename the "common" folder to "commonold."

      I restarted my PC.

      I tried to update the software, but failed to find how to do so on the official website.

      I'm running out of ideas, and really don't want to have to re-record half an hour's worth of audio.


      You will be able to find a demonstration of my issue on my YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihpP0tg7_ak ) of the same name that I'm using here, if that would be of any help in explaining my problem.