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    Adobe illustrator Draw App

    Alexisg21481576 Level 1

      Hello, is there any way to make a Custom Canvas Size on Adobe Draw App? For what I need...it needs to be..4200Width :5400 Height: 300 Pdi

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe Draw is pixel independent because you create in Vector which is infintely scalable. PPI is irrelevant to vector.


          What you need to do is figure out the correct proportional relation between the height and the width, and create your art at that proportion. This in it self is still a challenge with Draw. There are now a lot of different default canvas sizes, but not exactly what you need.


          I wish we had an option to Creative a custom canvas size at a given proportion but we don't. I think your best option is to create the art at the 4:3 ratio and then send it to Adobe Illustrator to finalize the print size.

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            HI Scarlett.


            In the next version of Draw it will be possible to create custom canvas sizes; however... the dimensions you're looking for still won't be possible in that release (the team is working on large canvas sizes for another update).


            Theresa's suggestion to choose the necessary drawing ratio is a great workaround right now.



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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

              Yay! I'm happy that custom canvas sizes are on their way.


              I played around with the different canvas size options that are currently available. Several of them are proportionally the same but at different pixel dimensions. Since Draw is all vector, except for placed images, the pixel dimensions are really irrelevant. But the larger pixel canvas size allows me to draw a much finer line at the smallest brush size. For this reason I prefer a canvas with more pixels.


              It's all pretty confusing though. The fact that you can't get the vector art out of Draw without going through Illustrator kind of mutes the issue for now. My workflow is to send my finished illustration to Illustrator where I adjust the artboard size and mask my art to it for final output.