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    dragging multiple jpgs to overlay layer


      as im a beginner to adobe photoshop and started designing on images like mobile back covers etc and want to drag multiple jpgs to the mockup overlay layer

      and saving all the images automatically.


      for eg if i want to design 100 designs of iphone 6s covers so selecting 100 images and dragging them directly to overlay layer of mockup and automatically all the 100 images should be saved automatically can any one help me with this because this consume a lot of my time to design mobile covers

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          For that you would creates a PSD template files for your mockups.  Then populate the templates with you image using Photoshop data driven graphics feature or a Photoshop script.  You would automate that process you really do not want to have to do the same process hundreds of times manually using Photoshop UI to drag images in. Particularly if you may have to repeat that process for new sets of images.