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    Creative Cloud causing high Windows Explorer use


      A couple months ago, I started noticing an issue where my taskbar wouldn't come out of auto-hide and everything was unresponsive. Windows (e.g. the Task Manager) were badly corrupted visually. Opening the Task Manager, I saw that Windows Explorer was using between 25-30% CPU, and not going down. The system would become responsive again after clicking Restart on the task (not restarting the system, just Windows Explorer). The problem would re-appear after exactly 11 minutes. I checked the task scheduler, but couldn't find anything that was set to run every 11 minutes (though a lot of items have schedules that say "custom settings", and are not editable or even viewable, so I don't know when they run).


      After a lot of troubleshooting, including extensive A/V and malware scanning, I figured out that preventing all Adobe tasks from autostarting with my system (including acrotray, CC, updates, genuine software checking, etc), the problem went away.


      Of course, opening any Adobe product re-enables all those settings, even if they're disabled in the various application settings (e.g. telling CC not to start with Windows doesn't work, you have to disable it in Startup). Which means I have to choose between using the products I'm paying for, or having a functional computer.


      I thought that maybe it was CC sync getting stuck on a file, but I paused sync, and it still happens. I also have the same folder sync'ed on a Windows 7 PC, and don't have any issues, so if it is a specific file, then it's a file that the Win 10 version of CC can't handle, but the Win 7 version can (both OSes are 64 bit).