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    Display Scaling Info?


      In creating a dialog using LrSystemInfo.displayInfo() to get screen size in pixels, I've realized that modern versions of Windows OS featuring display scaling greatly affect the sizing of elements and was wondering if there is any way to retrieve this scaling value to properly size elements to fit the screen.

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          I have a feeling there's no way in the Lightroom SDK but shelling out to some tool and parsing the output is probably the way to go. I'd Google around. My hunch is that you'll run the reg tool to look at some registry value.



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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            If you find a solution, please post here. I just had a user report that one of my plugin windows doesn't fit on her laptop display (even though it tries to ensure it fits on any size display), and I suspect the problem is that LR is providing misleading information via LrSystemInfo.