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    Joining two tables or how to script "Tables -> Paste After"?


      Hi guys,


      I would appreciate if someone could help with a little problem.


      I have a small specifically formatted table placed into the library. The script loads some data which determines how many of such tables I need. I'd like to place for example 5 of those tables stacked on top of each other, so that I have 5 of my tables but – and here comes the problem – but combined as one single table. I don't want to add() rows since it will duplicate the formatting of the selected row rather using the formatting of the entire lib item.


      I could do this action manually by copying the selected table, and while the table is still selected choose "Table -> Paste After" to duplicate the table and attach a second table with the exact same formatting right below it. Unfortunately, I can't find this "Paste After" as a method, my first guess was a paste method with LocationOptions.After, but that doesn't exist. Tables can't be duplicated and even when I duplicate the first character that contains the table, I get two separate tables and not a single one.


      Seems rather basic, but I've searched since an hour and can't find anyone even talking about it.