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    Finding photos that have no keyword

    dglas_1 Level 1

      When I attempt to import photos and LR shows that the photos are already in the catalog but I can't find them and assume they must not have keywords.  So then I go to smart collections and choose the one that supposedly will show me photos that have no keyword.  Then the fun begins. LR shows that there are 10,000 photos without key words.  Problem is these are not photos but all kinds of little icons and tings I don't recognize. There has to be a better way find a couple of photo than to try to plow through 10,000 images.


      Doug A

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          You imported those 10,000 images by selecting a Drive letter, Windows, or Drive Name in the import dialog and having Include Subfolders checked. So LR searched your entire drive for any images. Then you didn't bother to review what LR found and just clicked the import button.


          In the Library module, on the left hand side panel, select All Photographs from the Catalog section. Be in the Grid view and locate those images that you erroneously imported. Once you find them, one at a time or in groups, select them and Remove them from the catalog file. Do NOT Delete from Disk. you do that by either right clicking on one of them, if you have selected more than one, or on the one you have selected and select Remove Photo (or Photos if more than one is selected). When the Remove Photos dialog comes up select Remove from Catalog button. NOT Delete From Disk.

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            dglas_1 Level 1

            Thanks for reply.  I will attemt to clear things out as you suggest.


            FYI Your assumptions (in your first paragraph) are completely wrong.  I did not do any of the things you suggest. I have no idea how all of that got into the catalog. But I did not put them there.