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    Error Compiling Medai


      I successfully created several Blu-ray iso files about 80 minutes in length using Pre 14. I then ran into a problem on another similar project. I was creating a Blu-ray iso file on a video about 120 minutes in length. The burning progress bar shifted from encoding media to compiling media at 98% after a few minutes the word Error appeared below the progress bar which then read 0% and never made any more progress. I restarted the computer and tried again and it worked. The next similar project then had the Error, however, restarting the computer didn't solve the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled Pre 14, but the problem persisted. I then purchased and installed Pre 15 but the problem persisted. I then tried exporting the video as an AVCHD file and then use in a new project which worked a couple times but is not getting the Error. Here are the particulars of the projects.


      1. Import HH video (1920x1080 30 fps) that was shot on my camcorder and uploaded to a hard drive and then imported into my pre 14 or 15 projects.

      2. Created a title page using a color matte item, text and insert images.

      3. Used a transition from the color matte item to the video clip

      4. Rendered the project

      5. Added mp3 clips to the music tract. I have tried the projects with and without using the audio and smart mix features.

      6. Created either a pan and zoom or soccer menu. Changed the text type and font on the title and/or subtitle, action buttons, scene buttons. Selected video and audio clips with auto loop checked. Usually used a few scene markers.

      7. Saved project

      8. In Export and Share selected Disc, Blu-ray 1920x1080, iso file and selected a folder on a external hard drive.


      I am using a Windows 10 64 bit computer with Intel HD Graphics Family 2000. When I checked to update the driver the response was that I had the latest driver.


      How do I prevent the Error from happening?