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    Inline picture with text box no hyperlink working

    RonaldCz Level 1

      I had a web page with pictures and text next to the pictures going down the page. Each picture was placed over the text box. When I resized the text went over the pictures.


      I had the picture in each text box with the name and a new text box for each person but again as I resized the page all the boxes ran together.

      I did better with a text box and list all the names going down with pictures. I then inserted the picture inline with the text so that as I resized the picture stayed with the text. This worked great, however; the picture with hyperlinks stopped working.


      I am using standard font Helvetica.


      Here is the page I am working on. See how I am trying to keep the text next to and under the pictures.



      Note when you resize the page there is a jump in size of the text but I did not put this in. It happens at the breakpoint I think but I did not change anything there.



      Question, how can I create a picture with a hyperlink and have it stay with the text when resizing?